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How to express order online

How do I place an order?

​​The Express Ordering is here to ensure those patients who know what they want, can get their medicine in a quick and timely manner.  This service is offered to existing patients only​.  We will start accepting online orders at 10:30 daily, we ask that your pick up time is 20 minutes after the time your order was placed to ensure we have time to prepare it for you. We ask that you include the strain you want and the weight. It is important that you check our menu for a product to be sure we have it. If purchasing concentrates or edibles please include the quantity, brand and flavor if applicable.



All donation transactions must be conducted in the budroom, once arriving at the center you will be directed to your cashier to complete your order. If you place an online order you may not add to your order once in the budroom, this rule will be strictly enforced.

Creating Convenience


Lastly, the express ordering option​ is here to help speed up visits for patients who know what they want, we ask that you check our menu prior to ordering to ensure we have it in stock and ready. No add-ons to orders will be permitted, we also have a limit of three items, to limit the time spent putting orders together so that the people who need more help or time can also get the attention they deserve.

Returns & Refunds

All Return or exchanges are to be handled normally, you must call or come into the store as soon as possible and we will take care of any issues, any issues submitted through the ordering system will not be seen.

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